Your Ultimate Guide to Medicine Balls

Paving Your Path To Gaining Strength With Medicine Balls

Despite many misconceptions, you do not necessarily have to suffer from an injury or an accident in order to recover and increase your fitness level and muscular mass with a medicine ball. In fact, these elements have gained a lot of popularity over the past decades. Today, medicine balls are more common in fitness and bodybuilding centers than in medical facilities. Their benefits have been assessed over 3,000 years ago, when ancient Greeks used to fill animal skins and bladders with sand. Overtime, the so called “equipments” have evolved and have split into more categories, depending on what they are actually used for.

Discovering the Most Popular Types of Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are general or specialized. General and traditional medicine balls are classic. They are filled with sand or gel, yet some models are filled with air too. They come in all kinds of materials and can be used in plenty of exercises. They have general benefits and can work wonders in the long run.

Slam balls are similar to medicine balls, only they are more durable and tougher. Practically, they are supposed to face a lot of pressure since they are mostly indicated in slamming exercises. Many of them are made of a soft form of rubber, only to prevent bouncing back while ensuring a top notch durability.

Wall balls, rope balls or tornado balls are not to be ignored either. Just like slam medicine balls, these models are designed with specific purposes. A little education can open a lot of doors in choosing the right model. After all, each of them has both pros and cons.

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The Advantages of Training with Medicine Balls

Apart from recovery and rehabilitation, medicine balls work wonders in strength training as well. Most exercises focus on the superior part of the body, yet there are plenty of core and bottom workouts too. Exercises for core strength will usually enhance the extremities as well.

Stretching is yet another major benefit associated with these equipments, not to mention about enhancing the hand-eye coordination in throwing and catching exercises. Learning how to maintain a perfect balance becomes a piece of cake, since medicine balls can turn average exercises into balance challenging workouts.

As if all these were not enough, they make perfect replacements for free weights. When it comes to choosing the right exercises, identify your necessities first. There are plenty of them. The good news is that medicine balls can be implemented into traditional exercises too, such as squats and crunches.

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Purchasing the Right Medicine Ball

There are more factors to take in consideration when about to purchase a medicine ball. Sizing standards, materials, models and weights are just some of the most important ones. Design and looks come second because a good looking medicine ball will never be able to outweigh a fully functional one. In other words, make this decision with cost efficiency in mind. It might be a good idea to purchase more medicine balls in different sizes at the same time, only to cut the costs a little.

Medicine Balls in Canada

A medicine ball (also known as an exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball) is a weighted ball, roughly the diameter of the shoulders (approx. 14 inches). Often used for rehabilitation and strength training, it serves an important role in the field of sports medicine. It should not be confused with the larger, inflated Swiss ball.

Medicine balls are usually sold as 2–30 lb. balls and are used effectively in plyometric weight training to increase explosive power in athletes in all sports. Some medicine balls are in the form of weighted basketballs.Shop In-Store or Online

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Medicine Ball Uses

Medicine balls are used by boxing professionals to improve the strength of abdominal muscles. This is done by dropping the ball onto the abdomen of the boxer, simulating a punch coming from an opponent. Other athletes use medicine balls to increase their core strength. One common activity is to have athletes hold the ball against their chest and thrust it at another athlete, who catches it against their chest. This strengthens arm, chest, and leg muscles.

Medicine balls throws are also implemented as part of the the SPARQ rating, a test of sport-specific athleticism, to assess core strength, total body power and coordination. Different tests involve an athlete throwing the ball behind them and over their head as far as they can, or kneeling and pushing the ball out from their chest for maximum distance.

They are also extensively used by secondary schools as a fitness aid. Example exercises include: lifting the ball or performing different exercises (such as sit-ups and leg raises) with the ball in order to increase the stress on a particular muscle.

A medicine ball is also commonly used by athletes who have sustained an injury and seek rehabilitation.

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